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What is mixing?

Dec. 12, 2019

Laboratory Mixer is a very common industrial equipment that can intensively mix and process materials to improve production efficiency, while high viscosity mixers are targeted at some special material sources and are set according to different process levels and viscosity levels The mixing speed, so as to achieve a good mixing effect, the following High Shear Mixer Supplier will introduce to you.

Laboratory Mixer

Laboratory Mixer

What is mixing?

1: Reduce the heterogeneity of the system (phase, temperature, concentration, etc.) to achieve the required process results.

2: The key objectives are mass transfer, heat transfer, response, and product characteristics.

What are the consequences of poor mixing and mixing?

Successfully producing products that meet process goals is critical. If the products produced during the process scale-up process do not reach the required yield, quality, and performance, then the production cost will increase significantly, and more importantly, when investing money and time to improve the mixing and mixing effect, it may be opened Watching the loss of the market.

The money spent on solving mixing problems in the production process may be far more than the cost of fully evaluating and solving the mixing problems during process development. The money spent to improve the mixing effect is huge. Take the United States as an example. In the chemical industry, the loss due to poor mixing and mixing is about 5%. In 1989, the chemical industry alone lost $ 1 billion to $ 10 billion. In 1993, a multinational chemical company caused a loss of $ 100 million due to poor mixing performance.

To what extent is sufficient mixing? When will yield and product quality be reduced due to excessive mixing?

It depends on the sensitivity of product quality and selectivity to stirring intensity and stirring time. This requires a detailed understanding of these through experiments or simulations before process development and scale-up.

How to solve emerging mixing and mixing problems?

First ask "Why is this problem?" And "How did this problem occur?" This requires communication with operators and chemists responsible for process development. These questions then evolved into "how can we scale up like this?" And "how can the conditions in laboratories and factories be so different?"

The importance of these issues may always be underestimated. The vast majority of engineers just ask geometric similarities and reaction conditions. Good experimental design requires a thorough understanding of the mixing mechanism in order to obtain useful experimental results. Engineers who don't understand the mixing mechanism may just be risking it.

Range of mixing operation

In many industries, mixing and mixing play a very important role:

Fine chemical industry, agricultural chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, biotechnology, polymerization process, paint and car polishing, makeup and consumer goods, food, drinking water and fertilizer treatment, paper industry, mining engineering

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