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What is the Operation Method of the Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer?

Apr. 22, 2020

As a China Pharmaceutical Equipment Factory, share with you. The vibrating fluidized bed dryer generates an excitation force by a vibration motor. The material is thrown and jumps forward under the action of the excitation force in a given direction. At the same time, hot air is input to the bottom of the bed. The two work together to keep the material in a fluidized state. The hot air is fully contacted to achieve the ideal drying effect. The material enters from the feeding port and moves along the vibrating tank to the discharge port. The material on the vibrating tank is in orthogonal contact with the hot air passing through the lower part of the vibrating tank for mass transfer and heat transfer. Discharge through the discharge port. The operation and operation method of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is as follows:

Fluid Bed Granulator

Fluid Bed Granulator

1. Make sure that the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements before use, and confirm that there are no foreign objects in each fan.

2. Turn on the induction fan, blower and steam pipe heating valve, the system generates hot air, preheat the drying system, and observe whether there is any air leakage at each connection. If there is air leakage, tighten it in time. After reaching the preheating requirement (the temperature of the hot air inlet is about 130 ℃), adjust the valves of each air inlet to make the drying system in the state of air volume and temperature during normal operation.

3. Turn on the vibration motor and observe whether the vibration of the cabinet and the bed is stable. If any unstable phenomenon is found, the vibration motor should be turned off immediately to find out the cause.

4. Start the feeding, and observe the feeding status at any time. When feeding, the material should enter the feed inlet of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer evenly and quantitatively.

5. Observe whether the products discharged from the fluid outlet of the Fluid Bed Dryers are evenly discharged, and regularly check the moisture content and output of the product.

6. Regularly open the air lock at the discharge port of the cyclone dust collector.

7. When the drying system stops working, the feeding should be stopped first. When the discharge port of the dryer is no longer discharged, the power of the vibration motor can be cut off to stop the vibration of the fluidized bed dryer; then the steam pipeline valve is closed and no longer generates. Hot air (refer to its corresponding manual when using other heat sources) to gradually cool the drying system; later, turn off the power of the blower and other motors, at this time, the entire drying system stops working.

8. The user should gradually accumulate experience during use to find better working parameters, so that the whole set of equipment can reach the best working state.

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