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How to use Bin Washing Station to clean the rubber plug?

Nov. 20, 2019

Bin Washing Station requires the correct method and procedure for cleaning the rubber plug. Most companies use vertical washing machines, and the sampling of the washing water is qualified, so the washing water sample can not explain the problem.

Bin Washing Station

Bin Washing Station

We understands that in the pharmaceutical industry, since rubber plugs are mostly used repeatedly, they need to be used twice or after repeated use. Cleaning is a necessary process, and the purpose is to disinfect the rubber plug. This will ensure safety.

The washing machine is the equipment for cleaning the rubber plug and is generally used in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, with the increase of GMP requirements, the pharmaceutical industry has paid more and more attention to the cleaning of rubber stoppers. The rubber stopper cleaning has gone through a long process from the initial manual cleaning to the automatic cleaning.

For a period of time, the washing machine on the market used spray and rinse to clean the rubber plug, but people quickly discovered new problems. It is understood that due to the geometric appearance of the rubber plug, it is difficult to thoroughly clean the umbilical eye of the rubber plug, and the cleaning efficiency of the two methods is not high, the time is long, and the cost is high.

With the technological innovation, various methods of rubber plug cleaning have appeared one after another, among which the most typical ones are “vacuum defoaming” and “steam water impact”. These two methods have high cleaning efficiency, and the cleaning process has no damage to the surface of the rubber plug, so it is welcomed by the market. However, the working methods of the two methods are different.

Among them, in the case of Bin Washing Station Double Chamber, it puts the rubber plug into the washing machine that has been added with water, so that the attachment on the surface is adsorbed by water to form a small bubble, and the device uses the principle of vacuum to make these The small bubbles are separated from the dispersion and dispersed into the water to complete the cleaning of the rubber stopper.

Bin Washing Station uses the high-speed airflow to exert a strong impact on the rubber plug in the water, so that the attachment on the surface of the rubber plug is separated from the rubber plug and then carried away by the flowing water. According to the industry, the cleaning process needs to be carried out several times, and the continuous operation effect will be more obvious. Therefore, the staff also needs patience to operate.

It is well known that the selection of suitable equipment can better achieve rubber plug cleaning. At present, the ultrasonic cleaning machine appearing on the market has outstanding washing effect, and is more in line with the production requirements of GMP and FDA than the conventional cleaning method.

In addition, in response to the questions raised by the netizen, it should be noted that before cleaning, the screening and dosage of the cleaning agent are very important. The water temperature and water pressure also need reasonable control. The cleaning method should use the correct method and procedure. Need to follow the specifications. Our company is Bin Washing Station Manufacturer, welcome to come to us.

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