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Problems and Solutions of Tablet Pressing Machine (Ⅰ)

Jun. 14, 2018

Tablet Pressing Machine is a common Pharmaceutical Equipment. The following simple introduction tablet press a sticky blunt the cause and the treatment methods: rush is refers to the pressure for a tablet surface fine powder is the punch and die adhesion, led to dent, one-sided, not only uneven lettering punch are more likely to happen to glue phenomenon.

1. Insufficient dosage of lubricants, improper selection and excessive fine powder. The dosage of lubricant should be increased or new lubricant should be replaced to remove excessive fine powder.

2. Unreasonable design of engraving and stamping characters. Replace punch or change character design accordingly.

3. Excessive water content of particles or uneven dry and wet particles cause viscidity. Solution: control the water content of granule at 2%~3%, strengthen the inspection of dry granule.

4. Viscidity due to the material itself (such as the ability to attract moisture). Solution: add a certain amount of absorbent (e.g., 3% calcium hydrogen phosphate) to avoid sticking.

Tablet Pressing Machine

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