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Roller Compactor Meet Market Demand

Aug. 09, 2018

Energy conservation and environmental protection is a hot topic nowadays. Many industries regard green energy conservation as the future development trend. For Hot Sale Roller Compactor, energy conservation and environmental protection is also the general trend.

Roller Compactor technology can be accomplished by cylinder press granulator. The extract of traditional Chinese medicine with certain relative density was dried by spray drying. After adding certain auxiliary materials, the thin slices were pressed by dry extruding granulator and then crushed into particles. The method requires less auxiliary materials, which is conducive to improving the stability, disintegration and dissolution of granules.

The product is also suitable for the traditional High Quality Roller Compactor, and the grain is not stable under the wet and hot conditions. In addition, the dry granulation does not need any intermediate additives, and the grain size of the product is uniform after granulation. Reduce powder waste, reduce environmental pollution, facilitate later processing and storage transportation. The new dry granulation process can replace the investment in the wet granulating line, reduce manpower, material resources and financial resources. At present, the industry is energy-saving and environment-friendly.

High Quality Roller Compactor

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