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The Importance of Roller Compactor

Jul. 31, 2018

The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements for High Quality Roller Compactor, and the basic standard is to control costs and maintain drug properties. Roller compactor is a new granulating method produced according to the requirement. It is a kind of environment-friendly granulating process, which can directly suppress the powder into particles.

In the future, Roller Compactor will meet the requirements of cleanliness and flexibility. First, for the completely closed dry particle system, the dust pollution in the production process can be reduced and the risk of pollution and pollution can be reduced. Secondly, the equipment is modular design, and the whole granulating device can be dismantled with only a small amount of tools, so that all module units can be cleaned and can be cleaned. The screw and pressure roller can be conveniently replaced to adapt to different granulating tasks.

High Quality Roller Compactor

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