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Importance of Pharmaceutical Equipment Cleaning and Sterilization

Nov. 27, 2019

As a Bin Washing Station Manufacturer, tell you about pharmaceutical equipment cleaning. Due to the long process of people's understanding and grasp of natural science knowledge, and the inadequate strict management of the development and production of some medicines, many very painful "drug damage" incidents occurred worldwide in the 20th century, killing more than 20,000 people. The number of adverse reactions to the drug is countless. At the end of the 20th century, adverse drug reactions and drug-induced diseases have been studied and controlled internationally as a kind of epidemiology, that is, drug epidemiology. The incidence of drug-borne diseases is on the rise, and has become the fourth type of disease after cardiovascular disease, cancer, and infectious diseases.

Pharmaceutical equipment microbial residues

Bin Washing Station

Bin Washing Station

In today's rapid development, the development of the pharmaceutical industry is also gradually improved, and many problems are more prominent in the production process. For example, when pharmaceutical companies produce drugs, some raw materials, auxiliary materials, and microbial residues will appear. These microorganisms will use the auxiliary materials remaining in the equipment as organic nutrients and reproduce in large quantities at a certain suitable temperature, and then leave the metabolites. The combination of these substances will directly produce large toxic and side effects, which will cause the equipment to produce other drugs or After a certain period of time, there will be quality problems with their items, which requires Bin Washing Station.

Importance of cleaning and sterilizing pharmaceutical equipment

The GMP of developed countries generally clearly requires control of the level of microbial contamination at each step of production, especially for sterile preparations, and the level of microbial contamination before final sterilization or sterilization of the product must be strictly controlled. If the equipment is put into the next batch immediately after cleaning, the level of microbial contamination in the equipment must be low enough to prevent the microbial project from exceeding the standard after the product is prepared. Microorganisms are characterized by rapid reproduction under certain environmental conditions, and their numbers increase dramatically. On the surface of pharmaceutical equipment, inside and outside the container, etc., there can be places where microorganisms are parasitic. Due to the humidity in the air, all surfaces are covered with a film of water. This layer of film is full of dust particles due to electrostatic attraction. In many cases, the surface is also covered with an oily substance, and this layer of oil film is easily polluted by dust particles. The surface is contaminated by the return of airborne dust particles and microorganisms. Microorganisms present in the air can contaminate cleaned equipment in various ways. The longer the equipment is stored after cleaning, the greater the chance of contamination by microorganisms. Remember: a surface looks clean, but it is actually contaminated by millions of microorganisms, unless it has been properly disinfected. Therefore, timely and effective sterilization of equipment after the end of the production process is particularly critical, especially in the production process of aseptic preparations. Our company also sells Pharma Lifter for Fbg Bowl, welcome to consult.

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