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What is the Main Function of Purified Water?

May. 09, 2020

As a China Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer, share with you. The so-called pure water refers to the natural water that has been processed, purified and purified through multiple processes. The purified water after multiple processes removes harmful substances and bacteria at the same time, so it can be directly consumed.

Purified Water Generator

Purified Water Generator

Water is necessary to maintain life. Some health experts recommend at least eight cups, but there is no precise regulation. The water demand varies from person to person, depending on the subject ’s conditions, appropriate physical exercise, and the temperature and humidity. The daily sources of water for people include drinking water, beverages, water and water in food. The intake of mineral nutrients in drinking water is also unclear. Generally speaking, inorganic minerals enter the surface water and groundwater through rainwater runoff or through the earth's crust, so that the water includes compounds of calcium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, fluorine and sodium. The nutrients produced from water provide an important part of the daily water needs of some arthropods and desert animals, but only provide a small part of the necessary intake of people, so there is no scientific basis for long-term drinking pure water. But excessive drinking can also cause water poisoning.

The main function

The reverse osmosis membrane that filters pure water removes bacterial impurities in the water, supplements the body with the water it needs, and helps excrete toxins from the body in a short time.

Drinking water is mainly to replenish water, not to supplement trace elements. The minerals and trace elements ingested by the human body mainly come from vegetables, fruits, rice, meat, etc., rather than from drinking water.

Diet is the main way for human body to absorb nutrients, and the effect of water is very small. The loss of nutrition is related to natural conditions, age, physical activity, physical fitness, etc. It is not determined by drinking water.

Water containing too much minerals in the body will cause unnecessary burden to the human body, and some minerals may not be absorbed by the human body. If accumulated in the body for a long time, it will directly affect human health.

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