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Do you know about Mask Production Line?

Mar. 12, 2020

The rapid development of the Mask Production Line industry in China in recent years. With the continuous emergence of new mask equipment, new fields have been continuously explored and researched, which has improved the broad prospects for mask machine equipment.



Plane mask machine is one of many mask equipments. It has been used in various mask industries since the 1980s. The large-scale and comprehensive rapid development should start from serious environmental pollution in recent years. The application fields of ultrasonic mask machines are very The extensive, more and more attention of the mask industry. Foreign companies have been using ultrasonic mask equipment for a long time and have developed many excellent mask machines. China has only been researching mask machine equipment for more than ten years, but with the increasing maturity of our production technology, the manufacturing process has been gradually improved. The performance of some ultrasonic mask equipment is comparable to some foreign mask machine equipment. Cost-effective. I believe that friends often have the habit of wearing masks when they go out. Wearing masks can effectively prevent dust and some epidemic bacteria from harming our bodies. There are also many people who wear masks in order to maintain mystery. The assistance that comes is very great. The non-woven folding mask machine is a specialized machine for producing masks. Many mask manufacturers use this machine for production. No equipment is inseparable from maintenance. Reasonable maintenance can effectively improve the working efficiency and service life of the equipment. It can also timely detect some minor faults to avoid greater problems and economic losses.

The production process of producing masks is generally divided into two types: fully automatic and semi-automatic.

Fully-automatic cup-shaped masks need only buy three types of equipment to produce the finished product: automatic mask machine → nose bridge welding machine → ear band welding machine, the finished product can be produced in three steps.

The semi-automatic production of cup-shaped masks requires 9 steps: mask setting machine → mask coat forming machine → mask welding die-cutting machine → breathing valve punching machine → breathing valve welding machine → sponge stick → nose bridge welding machine → mask printing Machine → ear band welding machine, finished product after 9 steps.

When choosing to purchase the entire plant equipment, you can choose to purchase equipment according to production efficiency. For small production scales, you can choose the fully automatic type. For large production scales, you should choose the semi-automatic type. Our company also has KZJ120 AUTO MASK PRODUCTION LINE on sale, welcome to consult.

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