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Know About High Shear Mixer (Ⅱ)

May. 08, 2018

High shear mixers are utilized to bleach paper pulp, and prepare granular goods, create emulsions for sauces and dressings and manufacture blankets, amongst others; creams, waxes, polishing agents, gelling agents, dyes and polymer emulsions are easily made with the usage of a High Shear Mixer.

Throughout the emulsion process, the high shear mixer is immersed in the two materials. The high speed spinning of the blades creates suction that draws the solid and liquid portions of the mix into the work head, in which the blades are.

Centrifugal force drives out the materials the job head and throughout the blades, in which they are finely milled and evenly dispersed. This approach is done in circulation before each the good material has been sheared and mixed evenly with the liquid, that makes a substance with an entirely new viscosity. Unlike other mixers, there's little or no turbulence or splashing on very top.

High Shear Mixer

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