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What are the limitations of the industry standard to improve the cleaning machine to be broken?

Oct. 23, 2019

  In recent years, with the increasing requirements for the cleaning of pharmaceutical containers in China's pharmaceutical industry, Bin Washing Station faces new opportunities and challenges. It is necessary to clearly define the classification, marking, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, and instruction manuals of equipment, packaging, transportation and storage, etc, to promote the overall standard of the industry.

Bin Washing Station

Bin Washing Station

  For example, in recent years, the level of technology and equipment in the pharmaceutical industry in China has been continuously improved, and higher requirements have been placed on packaging materials. Among them, particular attention is paid to the influence of the precipitation of certain substances in glass products on pharmaceuticals, and the detection of physical and chemical properties of packaging products is becoming more and more strict. According to industry insiders, in terms of materials, all parts in the wave cleaner that are in contact with water and gas must be made of materials that are chemically stable, non-toxic, and corrosion-resistant.

  For pharmaceutical containers, the standard of cleaning equipment should generally meet three points: 1. There is no cross-contamination in the cleaned container, 2. Energy-saving energy in the cleaning process, 3. The operation and maintenance of the cleaning equipment is convenient. It is understood that many large pharmaceutical companies in China have grasped the development direction and carried out the transformation and upgrading of equipment to better adapt to the development trend of the industry.

  Experts said that the shape of the washing machine equipment needs to be upgraded. From the polygonal stainless steel casing, it can be made into a pentagon, a hexagon, and the round pipe is usually not suitable. The cleaning machine installs the transducer inside the polygon and diverges outward, so that it can be used according to various shapes of the cylinder. In the cleaning machine, the cleaning liquid in the cylinder should be higher than the height of the transducer, otherwise the transducer can be easily burned out and bombarded on any surface, so that the cleaning speed can be greatly improved and the cleaning can be continuously performed.

  In addition, the frequency of the washing machine equipment needs to be improved. In the production process of high-tech products such as large-scale integrated circuits, silicon wafers, computer disks, and lithography cleaning, it is necessary to remove dirt particles smaller than micrometers. At this time, ultrasonic waves such as low frequency 20KHz or 28KHz can be cleaned and attached to the surface. The tiny dirt particles are easily peeled off from the surface, but they are extremely susceptible to damage. It does not generate holes and has extremely high energy. The dirt dissociates and disperses under the action of huge energy, so the cleaning has the characteristics of not damaging the surface of the cleaning object and removing minute dirt. Increasing the frequency of the equipment will make the washing machine more and cleaner.

  As a Bin Washing Station Manufacturer, under the pressure of increasing national GMP standards and increasingly tight pharmaceutical industry policies, energy conservation, environmental protection and green production have become the mainstream of the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry. The cleaning industry needs to seize the policy changes and market demand, and combine the advantages of the industry to continuously learn advanced cleaning technology at home and abroad, improve innovative equipment, and better assist the cleaning of pharmaceutical factories, thus promoting the sustainable development of China's pharmaceutical industry. Our company Pharma Bin for Sale, welcome everyone to come to consult.

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