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Advantages of High Shear Mixer

Mar. 22, 2018

High Shear Mixer, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries. It has many advantages:

1. Reliable security interlock protection function.

2. It can be heated or cooled with a sandwich pan.

3. Side cutting knife, strong shear force, quick grain.

4. Axial sealing effect is good to prevent the drug from being lubricated by grease.

5. It can be equipped with vacuum feeding machine and adding machine to complete automatic feeding and atomizing spraying.

6. Provide the determination function of pelleting end point and have good reproducibility of process;

7. Touch screen control system, manual and automatic program operation, and intelligent upgrade.

8. The cylinder structure of the conical cylinder is combined with the z-type agitator paddle to ensure good mixing effect and good wet particles.

9. It can be connected with the dryer。

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High Shear Mixer

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