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So what role does Granulating Series play in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Feb. 21, 2020

As a China Pharmaceutical Equipment Factory, share with you. Equipment is the key equipment in pharmaceutical production, and its function and configuration directly determine the value of the production line. Under the same formula and process, whoever can improve the comprehensive efficiency of the granulating series dry granulator can win direct economic benefits. Therefore, how to make the Roller Compactor maximize its functions, reduce the production cost per ton, and increase the output and quality is a problem that every manufacturer needs to solve.

Roller Compactor

Roller Compactor

The key functions of the device are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. With the corresponding processing technology (tempering temperature, water content, ring mold compression ratio), it can adapt to the granulation requirements of different materials and different formulas;

2. With the same formula and specifications, it has high granulation output, low flour ratio, good appearance quality (cutting rate, uniform thickness, uniform length), good stability and good effect;

3. The granulator runs smoothly, is safe and reliable, the interfaces are hygienic and sealed, the failure rate is low, and the ring mold rollers work for a long time; the degree of automation is high, and the maintenance is convenient. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, the dry granulator is an important machine for making dry powder into granules. Due to the continuous improvement of GMP standards, the granulation process of dry granulation has also attracted much attention from the pharmaceutical industry and requires energy conservation and environmental protection.

According to experts, dry granulation is the latest granulation method developed after the second-generation granulation method "one-step granulation". It is an environmentally-friendly granulation process, energy-saving and pollution-free, no wetting agent (solvent-alcohol, water, starch slurry, etc.), solvent-free granulation, explosion-proof problems, and environmental protection problems of exhaust emission pollution; it saves drying Process, saving a lot of energy; with the continuous development of new binders required for dry granulation, the cost of dry granulation has dropped significantly.

Automation technology promotes the development of dry granulation technology. Granulating series has emerged at the historic moment. It has been widely used in China's pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for granulation of drugs that are easy to decompose when wet, absorb moisture, and are sensitive to heat Its granules can be used for densification to improve fluidity, tablet compression, filling capsules, and granule bagging. Based on many advantages, it is widely used in various industries.

The above is all about Granulating Series is an indispensable device for the pharmaceutical industry, and I hope it can be helpful to understand this device.

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