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Do you know what are the Five Wrong Ways to Wear a Mask?

Apr. 10, 2020

The first kind: no matter what mask, just put it on

Walking on the street, we often see a variety of masks. What cartoons, disposables, cotton cloths these people wear masks is just a psychological comfort. These kinds of masks mentioned above are very useful for keeping warm, concave shape, every dust, blocking a sneeze, but now in such a hazy day that the watch will burst, your mask is completely furnished! Remember, you must wear a professional anti-haze mask on a hazy day.

Automatic Mask Production Line

Automatic Mask Production Line

The second kind: afraid of being held back, the mask is not tight

Some people choose the right mask, but there is something wrong with the way of wearing. As if I was always afraid of suffocating myself, I was obviously watching the looseness of the mask. In fact, if you wear a mask like this, it is better not to wear it, because after suffering a long time of sin, you still suck a lot of haze. The correct method should be to fit the mask tightly to the face, squeeze the nose clip, and do not adjust the rope too loosely.

The third kind: don't wear at all in public places

There was a haze mask on the outside. I took off my mask and took a big breath as soon as I got on the train or subway. You said you are in a closed public place. Although there is less haze, there are a lot of germs and dust. Don't want to be infected by the virus today, quickly put on the mask!

The fourth kind: the haze outside is so big, I will wear it even if I suffocate

Although you should definitely wear a mask when you go out in such a heavy smog, but you feel dizzy when you put on the mask, and you will soon faint, and you will not give up. For example, patients with heart disease, emphysema, and asthma are not suitable for wearing masks, and pregnant women should not wear masks for a long time.

The fifth kind: the mask is worn for too long

One mask for one month? Wear a mask 24 hours a day, can't wait to wear it while sleeping? This is abnormal behavior. Wearing the mask for a long time will breed a lot of bacteria, and the particles deposited in the mask will be overloaded and will be absorbed by the user again. So the mask must be changed frequently. In addition, wearing a mask is always easy to lack oxygen, which is not good for the body.

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