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What is the Common Sense Application and Development of the Mixer?

Mar. 19, 2020

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Mixer is a machine that uses mechanical force and gravity to uniformly mix two or more materials. Mixers are widely used in various industries and daily life. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, the raw materials of different ingredients are evenly mixed together to form a compound; the contact surface area of the materials can be increased to promote chemical reactions; physical changes can also be accelerated, such as adding granular solutes to the solvent, and the dissolution and mixing can be accelerated by the action of mixing machinery uniform.

When mixing, all the materials involved in the mixing must be evenly distributed. The degree of mixing is divided into three states of ideal mixing, random mixing, and completely non-mixing. The degree of mixing of various materials in the mixing machine depends on factors such as the proportion of the materials to be mixed, the physical state and characteristics, as well as the type of mixing machine used and the duration of the mixing operation.

Laboratory Mixer

Laboratory Mixer

Experts say that many users choose domestic vertical cone mixing equipment in terms of powder and powder mixing equipment, but experts suggest that because of the many shortcomings and high maintenance rates of vertical cone mixers, When mixing materials / powder or granular materials, the Laboratory Mixer should be selected. This equipment has high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality, short unloading time, and low residual amount.

The market potential of China's mixer is very large. Enterprises as large as foreign countries have to share this cake. Compared with foreign companies, there are gaps in the manufacture of mixers in China. Of course, there are certain advantages. Foreign companies still need technical support to compete, and innovation is the foundation of enterprises.

As a sunrise industry, the development space of the mixer machinery industry is undoubtedly huge. With the support of national policies, there is a lot of room for development of China's mixer machinery industry. The mixer machinery industry should seize this historical opportunity, make innovations based on digestion and absorption, and speed up the localization of large-scale key equipment.

To accelerate the upgrading of the hybrid machine industry, we must actively promote the establishment and improvement of the technological innovation system with enterprises as the mainstay, strengthen the integrated innovation capabilities of enterprises on the basis of digestion and absorption, increase development forces and capital investment, and be driven by innovation. Continuously move closer to advanced technologies to promote the development of the entire hybrid machinery industry to promote a virtuous circle in the industry.

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