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How to Maintain the Blending Properly?

Jun. 21, 2019

The Blending is a novel material mixer widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, light industry, beverage and other industries. The machine can mix powder or granules very uniformly, so that the mixed materials can achieve good results.



So how to install the equipment, and how to properly maintain it? China Pharmaceutical Equipment Supplier like to share with you together.

First, safety procedures

1. The equipment transmission chain protection cover should be in good condition to prevent people from touching the work chain and causing personal injury accidents.

2. The fastening bolts of the motor base should be inspected regularly. The foundation should have sufficient rigidity to prevent the chain from jumping or falling due to the looseness of the foundation, resulting in transmission failure.

3. When inspecting, repairing and maintaining the machine, the power must be cut off and the sign must be hung.

4. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand or other tools into the machine during the operation of the machine.

5. The machine can be cleaned and inspected only after the machine has completely stopped.

6. Cables and wires should have protective casings.

Second, maintenance procedures

1. During the operation, check the compressed air pipeline for at least 1 time per shift, and discharge the water in the oil and water separation triple joint once.

2. Check whether the discharge door is leaking once a week, whether the sealing strip is damaged or not, and whether the unloading linkage mechanism is at the dead point when the door is closed.

3. Clean the residual material attached to the inner wall of the buffer bucket once a week.

4. Brush the drive chain and sprocket once a month with diesel oil and refresh the oil to the chain sprocket.

5. Clean the nozzle once a month, and at the same time clean the remaining material on the inner wall of the mixer and the cover.

6. Determine the coefficient of variation of the mixer outlet and the finished product packing port once a month. The coefficient of variation should be determined by selecting a product with a short mixing time.

The above is how to properly maintain blending. I hope that it will be helpful for everyone to use this device in the future. If you have any other questions about blending to ask, please feel free to let us know, who has professional knowledge about Blending Series.

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