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How should the Automatic Mask Production Line be Maintained and Inspected?

Mar. 25, 2020

Little friends usually have the habit of wearing masks when going out. Wearing masks can effectively prevent dust and some epidemic bacteria from harming our bodies. Many people wear masks to maintain mystery. After all, the assistance that masks bring to us is very great. The non-woven folding mask machine is a specialized machine for producing masks. Many manufacturers choose this machine for production. Tell us about the protection inspection method of Automatic Mask Production Line today.

Automatic Mask Production Line

Automatic Mask Production Line

No equipment is inseparable from maintenance. Reasonable maintenance can effectively improve the equipment's working efficiency and service life. It can also detect some minor faults in time to avoid greater problems and economic losses. Then non-woven folding mask machine How should inspections be protected? According to the summary of experience, there are three main checks:

1. The ultrasonic system: (consisting of an ultrasonic electric box, a vibrator, a welding head, and a connecting wire).

Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean. In particular, the ultrasonic electric box, vibrator (transducer), and welding head (enlargement ratio) must be cleaned monotonously without water, and the connection line must be solid. Frequently check the wear of the ultrasonic welding head. Pay attention to investigate the change plan of the voltmeter and ammeter pointers on the ultrasonic electric box.

2. Air supply system: (composed of air source filter system, air pipe and cylinder).

Check if there is water in the air filter cup? Drain water, by the way, drain the air compressor (air compressor water: the area with high humidity should drain water to the air compressor every day). Check for leaks in the trachea? Is there a leak in the cylinder? Cylinder magnetic anti-sensor orientation and operation are normal.

3. Electrical system:

Check whether the circuit connections of the equipment are loose, and are the main power lines, branch signal lines, etc. worn? Ageing? Loose electrical devices? Is the inside of the electrical box clean and monotonous, and is the exhaust fan operating normally?

Masks are used on our faces, and some are even used in the operating room. Therefore, the production of masks requires the folding mask machine to be cleaned daily. At the end of each day, you can organize personnel to clean the work surface of the equipment and the plates that hold masks after the power is turned off. Be careful not to use water, oil, and other non-toxic and volatile cleaning liquids such as alcohol.

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