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The Classification Of Pharmaceutical Equipment And Development Trend

Sep. 17, 2018

Pharmaceutical Equipment includes: pulverizer, slicer, frying machine, decocting machine, tableting machine, pelleting machine, multi-function extraction tank, liquid storage tank, liquid mixing tank, vacuum drying oven, tilting reaction pot, Capsule Filling Machine, blister packaging machine, granule packing machine, powder packaging machine, V-type mixer, lifting feeder, etc.

(1) Raw material medicine equipment and machinery;

(2) preparation machinery;

(3) Vacuum Mill Stationary;

(4) Pieces of machinery;

(5) Pharmaceutical Water System

(6) Pharmaceutical packaging machinery;

(7) drug testing equipment;

(8)Other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment (pharmaceutical auxiliary equipment)

Under the background of the introduction of the new GMP standard in the European union  , the full implementation of the new GMP in China, and the improvement of the environmental protection requirements for pharmaceuticals, the growth rate of the market capacity of APIs in the future will be even better. On the one hand, the raw materials for western medicine exported to the EU market. The proportion is about 50%, and the proportion is relatively large. On the other hand, the raw material medicine is the most serious environmental pollution module in the pharmaceutical industry, so its environmental protection investment demand is also greater.

Pharmaceutical Equipment

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