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How to ensure that the Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is clean?

Nov. 25, 2019

After the completion of the standard operating procedures of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, how to ensure that it is clean and hygienic. If it is cleaned and stored, it can better extend its service life.


Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

1. Automatic capsule filling machine cleaning frequency: when changing the variety, changing the batch number and after each production.

2. Automatic capsule filling machine Cleaning location: production site.

3. Automatic capsule filling machine: lifting buckets, rags, brushes, cotton swabs, etc.

4. Automatic capsule filling machine cleaner: water, 75% alcohol.

5. Automatic capsule filling machine cleaning method:

5.1 Brush the dust of the machine so that it is cleaned with a brush.

5.2 Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the parts of the machine and the table top.

5.3 Wash all parts removed from the fold with alcohol and scrub the table with an alcohol rag.

5.4 Clean the upper and lower mold holes with a small brush and alcohol.

6. Automatic capsule filling machine: No visible foreign matter inside or outside the visual inspection equipment.

7. Automatic capsule filling machine Cleaning and storage: According to the cleaning tool cleaning procedure, clean it in the cleaning tool and store it at the designated location.

8. Disinfection operation procedures:

8.1 Frequency of disinfection: disinfection before and after maintenance.

8.2 Disinfection tools: rags, buckets.

8.3 Disinfection site: Online disinfection.

8. 4 disinfection method:

8.4.1 After cleaning the equipment according to the standard operating procedures of the equipment, the equipment components should be installed.

8.4.2 Wipe twice with a rag, 75% ethanol or 3% hydrogen peroxide.

8.4.3 Evaluation of disinfection effect: Microbiological sampling is in compliance with regulations.

8.4.4 75% alcohol and 3% hydrogen peroxide are used interchangeably and replaced once a week. If disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, disinfect with clean water twice.

8.4.5 Fill in the disinfection record, attach the “disinfected” sign, and indicate the disinfection time.

8.4.6 If it is used more than three days later, it should be re-sterilized.

8.5 Cleaning and storage of disinfection tools: Clean, dry and store at the designated location according to the cleaning tool cleaning procedures.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine China warranty maintenance:

Capsule filling machine warranty maintenance, capsule filling machine filling speed is faster, capsule filling machine size difference is small, the powder capsule shell finishing, capsule cap finishing, capsule set together, compact and convenient. In addition, the capsule filling machine has a fast arrangement speed.

Cleaning parts

1. When the machine is working for a long time, it is necessary to regularly contact the drug directly. When the drug batch is changed or the deactivation time is long, it should be cleaned up.

Adding lubricant

2. The transmission mechanism under the machine work surface should always add lubricating oil (fat) in an appropriate amount to reduce the wear of moving parts.

Check the amount of oil

3. The main drive reducer should check the oil quantity once a month. When it is insufficient, it should be refueled in time, and the oil should be replaced once every six months. The rotary table transfer box should be replaced once every 3000h, according to the experience.

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