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Innovation in formulations, leading the future of intelligent medicine

Jan. 03, 2020

"China Pharmaceutical Preparation R & D Advanced Technology Sumimit", led by Nanjing Pharmaceutical Profession Association and Jiangsu New Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology Research Institute, and jointly sponsored by Canaan, LOGAN INSTRUMENTS CORP, and Shanghai Evanson Pharmaceutical, was recently held in Sofitel Shanghai Hongqiao.

China Pharmaceutical Preparation R & D Advanced Technology Sumimit

The theme of this summit is "Innovation in formulations, leading the future of intelligent medicine". Special experts from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical fields are invited to slow and control the release of artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing technology, painless microneedle percutaneous drug delivery technology. , Enteric-coated preparations, skin external preparations, inhalation drug delivery systems and other cutting-edge technologies to exchange and share with participants, promote the exchange and cooperation of industry-university-research in the pharmaceutical field, and provide research and development directions for colleagues in the pharmaceutical field. Nearly 400 academic conference experts and colleagues from pharmaceutical companies were present. The academic lectures throughout the day were novel, cutting-edge and full of dry goods.

China Pharmaceutical Preparation R & D Advanced Technology Sumimit

Manager Canaan Fang Shuo was invited to give a theme report on "cost design and management in generic drug research and development" to the conference. This is a panoramic analysis of Canaan's national expansion based on 4 + 7 belt procurement, which opens up new ideas for the development of generic drugs.

China Pharmaceutical Preparation R & D Advanced Technology Sumimit

In recent years, policies such as optimization review, encouragement of innovation, and consistency evaluation have come up frequently, and the pharmaceutical industry is facing many opportunities and challenges. The expansion of national centralized procurement in 2019 will be implemented. In 2020, the national centralized procurement will be expanded to 35 varieties. Generic pharmaceutical companies are facing fierce competition. The transformation and upgrading of pharmaceutical companies and the path of R & D and innovation are imperative.

In this context, Canaan takes the "Solid Preparation Process Technology Total Solution" as its theme, and showcases the supporting service capabilities of the Canaan Institute of Pharmacy on the consistency evaluation of generic drugs, the development and optimization of pharmaceutical prescription process technology, and the experimental type of oral solid preparations. Equipment, extensive exchanges with guests, dedicated to better provide professional one-stop services for pharmaceutical companies' R & D institutions and CROs.

China Pharmaceutical Preparation R & D Advanced Technology Sumimit

As a listed company in the field of solid preparation equipment in China, Canaan can currently provide customers with complete solid preparation solutions, traditional Chinese medicine (plant) extraction complete solutions, intelligent storage logistics system solutions, pharmaceutical water system solutions, solid preparation pharmaceutical research, EPC engineering turnkey services. The company will also continue to adhere to the "Product Leading Customer Experts" unswervingly, taking the responsibility of improving the level of pharmaceutical technology and promoting industrial upgrading, and insisting on creating value for customers and creating value for society. Our products are Pharmaceutical Equipment, welcome to consult.

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