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The Types Of Roller Compactor

Oct. 29, 2018

Roller Compactor can be split into two groups: one is outfitted with a fixed gap, another one using a floating pit. Both include the 3 main components as stated previously but differ from the manner in which the tiniest space (gap) between the rolls will be accomplished.

The Roller Compactor Factory tell you its Steps.

1. After a fixed gap is set up, the total amount of powder drawn into the compaction region between the rolls is more inconsistent, which leads to various forces applied to the powder bed. Like in slugging, this can cause huge fluctuations in the ribbon and granulate properties.

2. In floating gap that the space between the rolls shift in line with the quantity of powder supplied. The force applied to the powder stays continuous. This guarantees that property changes in the granules are decreased to a minimal.

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Roller Compactor

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